In the Name of God Amen. I William H. Helme of the town of Brook Haven County of Suffolk and State of New York being weak in body of Sound disposing mind and Memory Blessed be god for the same do make publish and ordain this as my last Will and testament in manner following. First I recommend my soul to almighty God who gave it and my Body to be buried in a decent Christian like manner at the discretion of my hereafter name Execuror and as it respects what worldly property it has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath in the following Manner. first I give unto my beloved wife Sally Helme all my lands Tenements farming Utensils and Stock untill my son William H. Helme arrive to the age of twenty one years Whether the said lands may be found on deed or Record it is further my will that when my son William H. Helme arrives to full age that he comes in pofsefsion of the equal half of all my said lands tenements Utensils and Stock. I also give unto my son William H. Helme after the decease or Marriage of my wife all my land tenements farming Utensils and Stock whether the same may be found on deed or Record to him and his heirs forever I also give unto my beloved wife all my household furniture and five hundred pounds to be paid unto her as soon as my executors can make it Convenient after my decease. I also give unto my wife my servant girl Anor also I give unto my Son Samuel P. Helme five thousand dollars to him his heirs and assigns forever which I order my executors to pay unto him the said legacy when he arrived unto full age also I give unto daughter Sally M. Helme two thousand five Hundred dollars and to my daughter Hannah two thousand five hundred dollars to them and their Heirs forever and all the residue of my property I order to be divided equally among my three sons Thomas William and Samuel when my son Samuel comes to full age except my servants it is my will that they be disposed of as follows to my son William H. Helme I give to servant Boy Gin also unto my son Thomas Helme my servant Boy Lon also unto my daughter Sally M. Helme my Servant Boy Robbin also unto my daughter Hannah my Servant girl dolly. It is also my will that if my son William should died before he comes to full age leaving no Issue that my son Samuel P. Helme shall have all the estate which I have given unto my said son William him his heirs and Afsigns forever upon paying unto my son Thomas two thousand five hundred dollars. it is also my will that my two daughters Sally M. and Hannah have a home in my house so long as they remain single. It is my will that my family be kept together and supported out of the profits of my estate except what becomes due to the Legatees as they may arrive to full age and lastly I constitute my beloved wife Sally Helme Executrix to this my last will and testament and my son Thomas Helme, Merrit S. Woodhull and Timothy Miller Executors to this my last will and testament requiring them to take burthen upon themselved the burthen of executing the same declaring all former wills by me made to be null and void In witness thereunto I have hereunto set my hand an Seal this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and twelve. Signed Sealed published and declared the said William Helme to be his last will and testament in the presents of us whose named are hereunto subscribed as witefses who witnefsed the same in the presence of the Testator.

William H. Helme (L.S)

Thomas S. Strong

Nath Davis
Sereno Burnell

Probated befor Nicoll Floyd Esquire, Surrogate of the said County the twenty first day of July, 1812 at Brookhaven.